Aidan Connor

Chief Technology Officer at Asprey

Aidan Connor is the Chief Technology Officer at Asprey. Recognised as the Adobe Experience Makers Executive of the Year 2023, Aidan brings more than a decade of expertise with the Magento ecosystem. Renowned for launching cutting-edge projects using the Adobe Experience Cloud suite, he leverages emerging technologies to drive innovation.
Aidan’s visionary leadership and customer-centric approach have propelled Asprey’s digital strategy.
With a deep understanding of digital commerce and a passion for transformative solutions, Aidan Connor is working at the cutting edge of digital experience led commerce.

Unleashing Next-Gen Luxury

13:45 - 14:05

Join Aidan Connor, Chief Technology Officer at Asprey, as he shares the journey of integrating cutting-edge technology, such as next-gen composability, blockchain, NFTs and AI to propel Asprey to the forefront of the hyper luxury market.
With Adobe Experience Cloud and Magento (Adobe Commerce) at its core, discover how Asprey has transformed their luxury customer journey.
Explore their approach in creating omni-channel luxury experiences, fostering transparency with blockchain, digital ownership NFTs and leveraging AI for data-driven decision-making.
Gain technical insights into Asprey’s success, combining next-gen technology with Adobe’s powerful foundation.