Matthew Medlyn

Head of eCommerce, Graham & Green

Google Tag Manager for Fun & Profit Matt Medlyn from Graham and Green will talk you through G&G’s data collection setup, Including plumbing Magento into GA4 using server-side tagging and Measurement Protocol, how to identity users across sessions and devices, some useful actionable metrics to track, and how to use GTM for rapid prototyping and quick fixes to alleviate your development queue. Matt Medlyn is Head of Ecommerce at Graham and Green. An industry veteran, which is a terrible word, he’s been in Ecommerce for over 20 years. Before Graham and Green, Matt spent 10 years at Lovehoney, where he saw things that you wouldn’t believe and did his best to sell them. Prior to that, he sold frozen food online to the very elderly, that was quite the career change. Matt left the tyranny of LinkedIn a decade ago, he also recently left Twitter. You can, however, find him on Mastodon if you’re persistent.



In this insightful keynote, Matt Medlin, Head of E-commerce at Graham and Green, takes us on a journey through the world of e-commerce and digital marketing. Matt shares invaluable knowledge about the challenges of implementing Google Analytics 4, the power of server-side Google Tag Manager, and the technical aspects of e-commerce analytics. But this isn’t just a tech talk; Matt also discusses the practical application of data to enhance user experiences and boost conversion rates. He explores creative solutions to common e-commerce issues, from handling coupon codes to improving SEO with structured data.